COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference


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SME Development in Transition and Developing Economies

Dr. Antal Szabó
Development of Entrepreneurship and the SME Sectors in South-Eastern Europe

PHd Izet Zeqiri
An theoretical overview of the interactions between entrepreneurship and strategic management

Kiril Nejkov
Good Corporate Governance in Family Businesses – Benefit for the Owners and for the Whole of the Macedonian Economy

Dr. Bedri Ademi
How to Manage Conflicts in Family Businesses

Ljubisa Nikolovski
Разбирање на иновациите и поддршка на малите бизниси за нивна имплементација

Prof. d-r. Radmil Polenakovik , Aleksandar Kurciev , Bojan Jovanoski
Entrepreneurial Trainings – Experience of University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" Business Start-up Centre

Ph.D. Naser Raimi
The role of small and medium companies in economic growth in Republic of Macedonia through comparative analysis

Marko Stojanov
Attracting Foreign Guests in The Republic of Macedonia

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Networking

Dr. Laurence Hewick
An overview of private sector financing for small business development

Veland Ramadani
Business Angels Who They Really Are?

Leonardo Piccinetti
How to Benefit most from the EU Schemes for Science & Technology and Innovation in Western Balkans for SMEs

John A. Clendenin, Nadya N. Petrova, Joshua K. Gill
Supply Chains Centres for Regional Excellence: Repositories of Knowledge, Tools and Training

John A. Clendenin, Joshua K. Gill
Increasing SME Competitiveness Using Web-based Technologies for Regional Trade Facilitation

Alessia Melasecche Germini, Nina Mazgan, Andrea Dianselmo
Training and Development of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Spirit for a growing Region

Dr. Dusan Nikolovski
Enterpreneurial Nets

Zivko Kostoski
One-year experience as a part of a business incubator

Prof. Suna Spirovska
Entrepreneurial Small Business

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