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Improving the managing with the environment


For providing better quality living, conserve the environment, realization of the projects from energetic aspect, substitution, saving and effective sources of energy, as well as using alternative sources of energy, we help people and companies in improving the way in which they manage the environment, through:

  • Preparing elaborates for protecting the environment

  • Preparing elaborates for managing the rubbish

  • Preparing in the working out of the law regulation, standards and other provisions of the field of energetic efficiency and effective managing with the resources.

  • Preparing criteria, advice and expertise for effective managing with spending of energy.

  • Promoting criteria for rational and effective managing with own resources trough special or trough periodical specialized publications.

  • Working out expertise’s and studies of the filed of projecting, building and maintenance the energetic buildings connected to saving and effective use of energy.





'Intelligent Energy - Europe' Programme


'Intelligent Energy - Europe' Programme

(Manual of Cosmo Innovate Center)

The contemporary toxicological and chemical researches show that the wasted oils are the most dangerous pollutants of the environment. Bearers of the toxicity and the potential cancer-causing substances at the wasted oils are their contaminants, which appears because of the degradation of the components during usage.

Basic bearers of the potential cancer-causing substances in the oils are polycyclic aromas. But recently are discovered polychlordifenol and polychlortrifenil in the wasted oils. They are toxical and cancerous substances, which are accumulated in the human body, they are dissolving biologically slowly and are destroying the immunological system. 
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The COSMO 2008 Energy Efficiency Conference will address economic, technical, political, legal and institutional questions relating to energy efficiency, with a special focus on how public bodies, private households and businesses can reduce their energy costs and profit economically and at the same time protect the environment and the climate. more about conference...


Cosmo Innovate Center is a member of Managenergy – Iniciative of the European Commission-section for Energetic and Transport, which promotes energetic efficiency and rational exploit of the energy, saving of energy, clear transport and sustainable development using pure and renewable sources of energy.

m-r Dobre Jovanoski
ecology consultant
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COSMO Innovate Center is part of Alliance to Save Energy www.ase.org database of all ministries, municipal entities, non-governmental organizations, business and trade associations, and professional organizations which are active in the development of energy efficiency policies and programs in the transition countries.


Through the Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency www.munee.org program of the Alliance to Save Energy, United States Agency for International Development (USAID ) seeks new ways to disseminate positive energy efficiency experiences in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Union.

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