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The success and the stability of the companies do not depend on how good is their product, but how good is the packaging and good the company sells it. Main reason for the failure of the companies is their big focusing on the product, not on the market.
Those kind of companies more easily spend more money for providing the best products, and very little of them will spend on employing or hiring sale and marketing specialists.

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Cosmo Innovate Centar organizes multimedia presentations on request of companies, commercial associations and business organizations, government institutions and Chambers of Commerce in order to distribute business information to prospects, customers and cooperators for positive development of their mutual confidence and business cooperation.

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multimedia presentation of MEGA DOOEL Skopje

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The idea that the good product is going to sell itself is wrong in nowadays complex market, where the techniques of marketing and sale more important than how good the product is going its own business (function).


The competitiveness of the company, acquired by creating value for comitents, its sustainability- permanent and continuously and the understanding of the needs of the comitents requires marketing expertise. Marketing management develops and realizes strategies for promotion that motivates the consumers to make decision in the process of buying.


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