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With more that 50 high-educated experts, with total combined working knowledge of more than 620 years, Cosmo Innovate Center is Macedonian leader in formal life long and un-formal  in-site education in enterprises, legal-economic, financial and marketing outsourcing consulting, projecting and consulting in producing-energetic technologies.

We are the only one that decided the problem of decentralized service of the enterprises in Macedonia. Cosmo Innovate Center offers at the same place the formula (1+1)% for legal-economic, financial and marketing consulting on annual contract and monthly payment + expertise in productive energetic technologies under projecting agreement and current payment.

Cosmo Innovate Center services are divided in the following fields: building, environment, industry  and economy.

COSMO economic programme

The economic programme is directed towards support of private small and medium enterprises. We work with local firms, but we also develop cooperation with foreign companies. Check the fields of our expertise.

COSMO industry

Managing and progress
of production in small and medium enterprises are very essential for their development and economic progress. Cosmo Innovate Center gives support to producing companies.

This manual (.pdf) - mac. is developed as a tool for those who will decide to choose consulting services or training from external firm.

This manual will lead you gradually towards the steps you should undertake.


contact person
Hristina Sofeska
tel. (02) 244 8077, 075 438 576
fax. (02) 244


consulting services in building


improving the


with the environment


improving the production

of small and medium




the private

small and medium


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