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COSMO Innovate Center is an international consulting company.

We offer consulting services for producing, service and trade enterprises.

Cosmo Innovate Center is Macedonian leader in formal life-long education and training (VET) and non-formal in-site education in the companies, legal-economic, financial and marketing outsourcing consulting, projecting and consulting in productive-energetic technologies and building.

Cosmo Innovate Center supplies TQM (Total Quality Management) consulting program for producing service and trade companies. The aim of this program is to provide solid platform from which the enterprise will be able to realize sale and marketing, and at the same time to provide economically effective and qualitative management system of the enterprise.

VET - Vocational Education and Training more...

Lifelong Learning program offers certificated business-oriented training of individuals prepared for retraining and progress in their career or internet training for companies which are caring for continuous education of the executive management.

Management Capacity Building more...

In-house-advising in your enterprise, combined with seminars in our regular program, are forming packages for representatives of the executive management.
According to the enterprise's needs, we are preparing a suitable advising program or package seminars.

International projects more...

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