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COSMO TRADE CENTER represents a trade portal that enables export and import support for the Macedonian small and medium size enterprises through an information exchange for the products and the services, for which COSMO Innovative Center appears as a representative, distributor or agent.

COSMO Innovative Center implements its international trade activities with staff support in its offices:

Dr. Suzana Iljovska

COSMO International Center Toronto, Canada

COSMO Innovative Center office for North America

Jasmina Lazarevska

COSMO Trade Center Goteborg, Sweden

COSMO Innovative Center office for Sweden

COSMO Trade Center in the agency in Sweden organizes promotional activities and presentations of Macedonian products and helps in the trade activities through the harbour Geteborg, as an entrance trading harbour for the Scandinavian countries, Poland and the Russian Federation. Certificate for a tax number ussued by Skatterverket (Swedish Tax Agency) for the agency of COSMO Innovate Center in Sweden.

For the specific needs of the Macedonian market, COSMO Trade Center can offer:

beef from Canada

Red Brand Canadian beef meat without bones hotel/restaurant type, suitable for use in mixtures for salami, sausages, pate, burgers and similar. The meat originally comes from Canada and the united States, with guaranteed high quality and stock-exchange price.

Bird Guard electronic device for protection from birds

Bird Guard represent programmable products for protection from birds. These products use digitally recorded sound of disturbed birds and electronically modified sounds that chase away the unwanted birds from the land planted with agricultural products, areas surrounding industrial or housing buildings, airports, harbors and any other place where birds cause problems or can carry diseases. The systems are offered in several configurations modified for the special needs of the customers.


Arcade Game Controllers joysticks, mouse and adaptors for video and computer games

X-Arcade is a serial of game controllers with industrial quality that enables long-term use with your PC, MAC or video game console.

joysticks for one or two players mouse modified for games


adaptors for the following video game consoles:

  • Playstation One or Playstation Two

  • Xbox

  • Gamecube

  • Dreamcast

  • Apple

  • Personal Computer

Macedonian products offered to the international markets by COSMO Trade Center are:

devices for welding and cutting


These types of devices are applied for welding of constructive steels as well as of materials with coated electrode and TIG procedure by contact establishing of an electric arc.

Small weight, electronic regulation, easy to use, applicable in all working conditions.




air plasma for cutting



furniture for business premises, hotels and restaurants

enlarge   enlarge

enlarge   enlarge

10/0,4 kV 250 kVA 1000 kVA
20/0,4 kV 250 kVA 1000 kVA


- 9

- 50 kVA

Cast iron fittings for cast iron pipes under pressure in aqueducts, gas and other pipe lines

All the fittings are made from modular cast iron and grey cast iron and for working pressure of 10 bar (235 psi). Protection of the fittings against corrosion is obtained by coating them internally and externally with IBITOL varnish containing no components that could be detrimental to human health. Also the internal and external galvanize protection is possible, as well as internal protection with cement mortar and epocside resin.

all flanged tee from grey iron

double flanged taper from ductile iron

Cast iron fittings for plastics pipes under pressure

The fittings necessary in designing and executing underground water supply lines for pressures of 10 and 16 bar (at 140 and 235 psi), and for the construction of other pipe lines for cold water supply as well. Flanged fittings make possible the connection to gate valves, water meters and similar apparatus, or for the change from plastics pipes to cast iron, steel or asbestos-cement pipes. Protection of the fittings against corrosion is obtained by coating them internally and externally with IBITOL varnish containing no components that could be detrimental to human health.

fitting with socket end and flange from ductile iron

reducing sleeve with socket (beel) ends from grey iron

collar with connection for plastic pipes from grey iron

Arcade Game Controlers - ,







promotion and advertising

promotion and advertising



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