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As a support to the educational activities with individual training of several months or package trainings coordinated according to ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) for several profiles of workers and managers, such as: Business Manager, Trade Manager, Project Manager, Specialist in foreign-trade operations, Energy and ESCO manager, COSMO Innovate Center published dozens of manuals.

manuals for seminars and workshops

COSMO 2008 Energy Efficiency Conference - COLLECTION OF CONFERENCE PAPERS

COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference - PROCEEDINGS

COSMO 2010 Enrgy Efficiency Conference - PROCEEDINGS

Обука за обучувачи - Нови техники на учење и подучувањеTraining for trainers - NEW TECHINQUES OF LEARNING AND TEACHING

Energy Efficient Buildings

Моторните и индустриските масла - еколошки предизвикMotor and industrial oils – ecological challenge

Сушилници - технологија и инженеринг на дехидрација на хранаDrying chambers – technology and engineering of food dehydration

Громобранска заштита и громобрански инсталацииLightning-conductor protection (Lightning-conductor installation)

Energy Efficient Buildings - Part Two

Проекција на инвестициони програмиInvestment programme projection

Export marketing

EU standards


Financial Management and International Accounting Standards

Project management

Прирачник за осигурувањеInsurance manual

E-biz management

Безбедно користење на електричната енергијаSafe use of electrical power

Противексплозивна заштитаProtection from explosives

Шпедиција и надворешно-трговско работењеForeight forwarding and foreign-trade operations

Business Project Management

Efficiency and effectiveness in operations

Lidership and Management

Change Managment

Conflict-management and mediation

Labour Law and Safety at Work 


manuals for specialized trainings

Мaркетинг-прирачник за мали и средни бизнисиMarketing for small and medium size enterprises

Бизнис и менаџментBusiness and management

Финансиско и сметководствено работењеFinancial and accounting operations

Маркетинг апликативен софтверApplicable Software

Деловна комуникација и раководење со човечки ресурси

Business communication and management of human resources

Applicable software

E-biz software

PROJECT MENAGEMENT: Process of planning a project cycle

Energy Effective Systems

Fianancial planning and analysis

- practical guide for small and midlle enterprises

Вештини на презентирање и преговарање

Presentation and Negotiation Skills




promotion and advertising

promotion and advertising

COSMO trade centar

COSMO trade centar


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