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E-Business means running the business electronically with the help of information and the Internet technology, adjusted to different tastes, habits and styles of working. For one enterprise, the presentation of an e-mail is the first step towards the e-business, but for other enterprises, e-business means that the costumers will be able to order the products at any time and the order will be accompanied directly to the procurement and delivery administration.

Obviously, the implementation of the e-Business always provides greater advantages for the enterprises. COSMO Innovate Center will help you make the decision for introducing the e-Business methods and accepting the e-challenge in form of:

web link advertising

multimedia business presentations

successful web presentations

e-business consulting


e-learning (distance learning)

Each of the mentioned fields is a science in itself. COSMO Innovate Center can help you in each field.


web link advertising

COSMO Innovate Center offers the opportunity for advertising with links that commence from the links of our Internet presentation:

links on the lower line

premium links

advertising links

banner exchange


business presentations

The business presentation of the products and the service opportunities of the enterprises in front of the selected group of existing and possible customers is the first and most important step on the road to every successful sale.

COSMO Innovate Center organizes presentations on demand of enterprises, commercial associations and business organizations, government institutions, Chambers of Commerce with the aim to distribute business information to costumers and associates for positive development in the mutual trust and business cooperation.

successful web presentations

Your first step towards the e-Marketing is to transform your brochures into WEB presentation and to place them on the Internet. With this Internet presentation, you can present your products and services to customers all over the world for 24 hours a day.

When the buyer has the opportunity to send you a message by filling out an online form on the Internet and to ask for further information, it is called a reactive Internet presentation. When the buyer can go to more sites of the presentation and can note more products and forms of procurement, it is called interactive Internet presentation.

COSMO Innovate Center implements Internet presentations only with experienced designers. The excellent design combined with good e-Marketing strategy will contribute to the successfulness of your presentation.

e-business consulting

The COSMO Innovate Center team makes an analysis of your business processes and prepares advices for your e-Business abilities. The implementation of these advices understand:

  • preparation of project solution based on ICT for the processes of marketing, sales, quality control systems

  • making and realization of the technical solution of the processes based on ITC

  • establishing a quality system

  • training of the enterprise staff for functional implementation and maintenance of the systemís processes


With the implementation of the market-oriented ICT and e-commerce machines and marketing processes, the company collects the feedback from the markets for the offered products and services. Our consultants in cooperation with the determined staff analyze these data and prepare reports in order to determine whether the offer of the product on the target markets is just and profitable.The suggested measures of promotion and advertising are realized in accordance to the results of the obtained analyses. The current activities of promotion and advertising include preparation of leaflets, brochures pamphlets in several dimensions, billboard posters, design and redesign of well-recognized logo and slogan, preparation of a CD ROM presentation, preparation of group promotions and presentations on seminars, fairs and similar, marketing consulting and preparation of annual marketing plan.




promotion and advertising

promotion and advertising

COSMO trade centar

COSMO trade centar



As an independent mediator with developed international network, COSMO Innovate Center can provide consulting on e-business and Internet, and can connect the needs and the offer of the interested parties.

(E-learning Ť Distance Learning)

The internal training in the enterprise or in COSMO Innovate Center premises, according to the programme of ITQ training that includes courses of Business communication and ethics, Small and medium size enterprises marketing, Financing and accounting operations, Business and management, Office and marketing software. COSMO Innovate Center possesses excellently equipped hall for presentations with capacity of 15 work places.

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