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Candidates who will successfully finish the training NEW TECHINQUES OF LEARNING AND TEACHING will qualify for trainers in the franchising system of COSMO Innovate Center and will have the possibility to sign franchising agreement for work in the name of COSMO Innovate Center on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.



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Instructor: prof. Toni Anev

In the past years, it was developed a new image of education and consulting. The consultant is more and more involved in the processes of management through advising and teaching. This is also true for consultants and trainers who are engineers, medical persons, teachers etc. There are numerous examples when a well planed projects or project components where is necessary a training finish unsuccessfully because the consultants havent been prepared on the contradictory influence of the participants of the training, have not motivated their hidden needs and interest and active participation in the training.

The participants in the trainings understand the material that are listening to or learning very well if they actively participate in its realization.

From this state comes out THE GENERAL GOALS of the training: familiarizing with interactive techniques of engaged learning and teaching, and different forms of interaction between the listeners and the instructors in order to get ideas, to view their application and to be subject of constant retesting, to compare with the contradictor opinions, to take an attitude.

SPECIFIC GOALS of the training:

  • To change the dominant role of the teacher,
  • To motivate open and responsible interaction,
  • Developing of social skills,
  • To avoid the passive behavior of the listener
  • To connect the material with the experience (practice)
  • Motivation of different forms and levels of thinking
  • Critically to view the contents, to evaluate the alternative opinions and to bring thoughtful and augmented decisions.

Your listeners and clients know that the technical and special expertise is not enough. They required from you to initiate a process of changes. Thats why is necessary to use your entire creativity and new techniques of learning and teaching.

Program for the two days practical training 

  1. Interpersonal behavior and system of social interaction

-          verbal communication

-          non verbal communication

  1. bases of the psychology of the person

-          temperament, character, abilities, interests

-          typologies of the person

  1. Psychical processes and states (perception, learning, remembering and forgetting, thinking, attention and motivation)
  2. Function of the motivation in teaching
  3. Psychical bases of the modern teaching

-          stills of learning

-          learning-teaching

  1. Phases in teaching and learning (articulation during the class)
  2. Blum-Sanders taxonomy-Motivation of different forms and levels of thinking
  3. Teaching techniques (demonstration, exercises and discussion)


The training is realized in two or more modules, from 5.00pm-9.30pm oclock, in air conditioning premises of COSMO Innovate Center, which are equipped with modern audio-visual technical means for teaching flip-chart PC Pentium III for each candidate, ISDN internet- connection, LCD-projector etc.

We do plead you to confirm your presence by filling in and returning the enclosed form by fax of by e-mail

Application for the training TRAINING FOR TRAINERS (.doc)


Hristina Sofeska marketing-specialist
tel. (02) 244 8077, 075 438 576
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credit system ECTS




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