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application for COSMO-franchise (doc.) - mac.


COSMO Innovate Center needs research assistants: consultants and trainers for realization of the programme contents of the consulting- program Total Quality Management and the educational programme Life Long Learning.


We need consultants who can realize trainings or consulting- services from the following FIELDS:

 * investments and banking work

* accounting and financial working

* direct sale

* e-commerce

* marketing management

* secure working and protection during work with electricity

* anti-explosive protection of electrical appliances

Candidates should fulfill the following CONDITIONS:

* completed high school education

* working experience at least 5 years

* part of that working experience, working duties or voluntary obligations as a trainer, presenter, moderator or consultant

* Knowledge of English language


The ones that are interested should fill in a Europass CV and together with a covering letter to send it by e-mail contact@cosmoinnovate.com.mk, by fax +389 2 244-8240 or to our address: COSMO Innovate Center, Blvd. Jane Sandanski 113, 1000 Skopje

* Instructions for filling in a Europass CV (pdf)

* Blank Europass CV (doc.)

application for COSMO-franchise (doc.) - mac.


Tax for a licence:


Initial tax plus monthly taxes in amount and schedule according to the number of offices


Licence territory:




Contract terms:


5 year Contract with a possibility of renewal for the next 5 years




Intensive trainings

New techniques of learning and teaching

Marketing in small and medium companies

6-7 days in an office of CIC

Periodical visits by a consultant

a library of literature for support


The selected candidates will have the opportunity to finish a training for trainers: NEW TECHNIQUES OF LEARNING AND, and will be able to be engaged in the current activities of COSMO Innovate Center and will qualify for trainers in the franchising-system of COSMO Innovate Center.


The trainers who live and work out of Skopje are encouraged to apply for the franchising-system of COSMO Innovate Center and will have the possibility to sign a franchising- Contract for work on behalf of COSMO Innovate Center on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.



The programme SPONSORSHIP FOR MOTIVATION is intended for support of the candidates who have finished thetrainings for Project Manager, Sales Manager, Entrepreneurship Management or an Accountant in COSMO Innovate Center and want to complete their training with practical work- working out a project in a real business conditions.


Candidates during the two-month practical work should work out a project application, marketing plan or a business plan in accordance with the training for Project Manager, Sales Manager or Entrepreneurship Management and the Accountants, during the appropriate six-month practice, shoul work out a recapitular for salaries, amortisation, current entries and books of accounts for the company that accepts them. During the practical work, the candidates are helped by a person in charge in COSMO Innovate Center and the practical work (the project) will be successful only if it is approved by the person in charge in COSMO Innovate Center.



COSMO Innovate Center will supply the interested companies with information-CV of the potential trainees and an official request for acceptance of their practical work, free of charge. The choice of the trainee will be done by that company, and the conditions for realizing that work (eventual allowance for transport costs, salary etc.) will be dealt by the trainee and that company mutually.



For application in the programme SPONSORSHIP FOR MOTIVATION is necessary an official letter by the company to COSMO Innovate Center, where should be mentioned the interest for cooperation and the previous training that the candidate should have completed.

find out more about ECTS (European Accumulation Credit System) the system applied in the training of COSMO Innovate Center

find out more about the training programmes for  Project Manager, Sales Manager, Entrepreneurship Management and the Accountant

For further information contact us at tel: +389 2 244 8077, +389 70 361 553 or by e-mail

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