Beauty Macedonia


Explanation of the elements

The background where the composition is presented is a golden-yellow relief that symbolizes a few elements. Yellow is the color of the Sun (symbol of the flag of the Republic of Macedonia and also the color of the Sun that gives life to the planet) and the color of the gold that represents wealth. In its structure it reminds to the antique values symbolizing the golden treasure house of the Balkan kings (for example. the golden masks from Trebeniste) the forged Roman coins, the golden Byzantic mosaics with priceless values, the golden aureole of the Christian Saints in the numerous medieval frescos and icons, the golden embroidery, the jewellery and filigree etc.

Inside the golden relief is written the name of our country Macedonia, strictly, simply and with dignify, as it has always been written and spoken. The inscription is in red color (symbol-color that historically drags into all phases of somehow symbolic presentation of the territory of Macedonia), the colour is cold and thick, with a little brightness similar to the purple red (Byzantic kings red colour of the kings robes and the church dignitaries). In that way, the purpose is to be confirmed that the revolutionary blood-red colour leaves its place to the colour that symbolizes in itself the kings dignity, abundance, awareness and reasonableness. Macedonia as a territory is a historical heir of the values of Byzantium and from todays point of view it enjoys the cultural gains of that great kingdom and can boast that is a cradle of Christianity in Europe, mother of the Slavonic literacy, and to be placed among the rear countries in the world with long-centre written treasure trove and in that way, it is actually a part of the world scientific thought.

At a place in the historical papers it is mentioned that Macedonia is a magic country of the Christianity. Thats why the symbol in itself carries the massage about a magic beauty, which in Macedonia doesnt have just an aesthetic meaning (pure nature, temperate climate, beautiful landscapes, and thats why the green colour is also involved), but much more refers to an exotic beauty in which one can enjoy and be pleased. Macedonia with its natural elements and with its cultural gains presents a home of noble people, home of a fertile soil, home of generous nature, thats why the national characteristics of the people who live in these regions are recognizable by their generosity and hospitality.

Macedonia is a country where everyone is welcomed.

The regions where the present Macedonia lives are places where a lot of generations lived, where were kingdoms and tsarism, where were a lot of conqueries and victories. The Oak leaf is a symbol, which proudly stood on the golden crowns of the Macedonian kings (Peons, Macedonians), referring to their firmness strength, bravery and disobedience. The Oak as a symbol also exists and is respected in the Christianity, the Oak tree is a Christmas Eve tree, and Christmas Eve at Orthodox Christians announces Christmas-Christs birth (Nativity). The tree also refers to the Macedonian tradition for wood-carving (the technique of deep carving in a tree is astonishing), which is unique and original in its art meaning. The Oak in the symbol, at the same time symbolizes the purity of the origin and the nature of the origin. As a floral element is connected to the ecology, perfect nature, organic food etc.

In the symbol is included transparently and gently an element of the Macedonian folk embroidery, which symbolizes tradition and national culture. 

Despite its entire responsibility in front of the great world history that this region carries in its name and existence, Macedonia can boast with its tradition, with refined easiness. Folk embroidery personifies the nation and generations who live in Macedonia. People in Macedonia are creative and spiritually rich. Folk embroidery symbolizes the freedom of its sprit that is a privilege only for arts. Throughout the pattern of the embroidery are weaved the every day feelings. With extraordinary lightness the embroidery presents a perfect line, light rhythm, rich melody, musical decoration, folklore that excites and astonishes with its openness, releases from the strict frames of behaving as a primeval need of insubordination and unrest. Through all these elements of tradition, folklore, ethnology and construction, Macedonia confirms its origin, religion and natural beauty.

The logo in its picture image contains the key elements, which refer to the beauty of Macedonia. Those are: the historical gain, cultural values, pure nature, wealthy tradition and the spirit of the nation. Finally, Macedonia is beautiful, wealth, fertile, generous and unique.

author,.Emilija Sofeska



The motive for working out of this logo originated from the need to be shown one segment with which Macedonia participates in the huge world wealth, natural and cultural. The logo carries recognition in itself, it presents beauty, purity of the origin, perfect nature, tradition, culture, exotic images, genesis and history. The logo first of all refers to the recognition of Macedonia (in cultural, economic, political sense and so on) and in its essence wants to show our attitude towards us and also the attitude towards the others.


















Mask Trebeniste, Ohrid

Early-Christian mosaic, Studencica, Ohrid

Icon St.Virgin Marry Odigitrija XIIth century

Icon Annunciation XIV th century

String of tobacco

Dojran Lake



Coin Alexander the Great

Terracotta icon, Vinica, Vth and VIth century

King Justinian I (483-565), mosaic

Angle, Fresco-Kurbinovo 1191

Fresco of St. Nikita Monastery, Skopje XIV th century

Folk embroidery -folklore




The crown of the Macedonian kings

Coin from the time of Peons

Terracotta icon, Vinica, Vth and VIth century

Woodcarving, a part of the iconostasis from the XIX th century

Leaf of Macedonian Oak tree





Fibula, the iron age

Womans waistcoat

Folk embroideries of fabrics

Embroidery of womans shirt from Debarca, wool in color






Natural beauties, architecture and nation

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